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CMA Study Material

Textbook (hard copy)
The textbook is the foundation of our program and provides complete background, explanations and examples. There is no need to purchase other books or reference materials.
Lecture Slides (hard copy)
Hundreds of lecture slides provided to you which are exam focused and help you to take crisp notes during the lecture.
Online Question BankĀ 
The Online Question Bank has hundreds of questions, sorted by topic, along with detailed answer explanations and is a critical element of our CMA coaching program.
Essay Questions
While preparing for the CMA exams, you will use written response Essay Questions in the same style and format as the current exam questions.
Study PlanĀ 
The study plan guides you through what to focus on during the different weeks of study for each exam, but you can adapt it to fit your individual schedule using our online Personalized Study Plan.
Mock Exam (Hard copy at the end of the session)
The mock exam with new questions not used elsewhere in the study materials provides a measure for your exam readiness and is a solid last review before taking the real exam.
Free Updates – Optional (Online access & students can take printouts)
Our Study Materials are regularly updated to reflect revisions in the exam syllabus, changing accounting standards, and new governmental regulations. You will be able to download updated material at no charge whenever new materials are posted online.

Printed Study Materials

The Printed Study Materials include hard copy textbooks and lecture slides, plus electronic access to all of the Downloaded Study Materials, giving you the flexibility of studying online or offline without having the hassle or expense of doing your own printing.