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CPA Classroom Lectures

Lynchpin Training is pleased to announce the classes for CPA (USA) in Dubai. Students can now appear for CPA exams in UAE through Prometric Centres. Our proven teaching methodology combined with state of the art online portal provides all the right tools to crack the CPA exam in first attempt. All our classroom lectures are thoroughly planned and exam focused.

Key features of our CPA classroom lectures:

  • Qualified tutors who deliver expceptional quality exam focused lectures.
  • Exam style CPA questions thoroughly solved in class.
  • Every critical concept is followed by a detailed example for better understanding of concepts.
  • Regular CPA class test and mock exam.
  • World leading study material by CPA Excel provided free to all students.
  • Free make-up classes to the students who join late in the CPA class.
  • Dedicated revision session at the end of the batch for better CPA exam prepration

What CPA material we use in the class?

This effective CPA study material comprise of the following:

  • Textbook (hard copy) – The textbook is the foundation of our program and provides complete background, explanations and examples. There is no need to purchase other books or reference materials.
  • Lecture Slides (hard copy) – Hundreds of lecture slides provided to you which are exam focused and help you to take crisp notes during the lecture.
  • Question Bank Software (Downloadable from website) – The Software has thousands of questions, sorted by topic, along with detailed answer explanations and is a critical element of our CPA coaching program.

How we help you to maintain the pace of your studies?

  • Planned lectures
  • Regular class tests
  • Online protal to access the class tests and their answers.
  • Revisions classes & practice sessions.
  • Graded mock exam with teacher’s comments.

Enough information about our CPA classroom lecture methodology – Contact Us for registration & feel free to ask us, should you have any more queries.