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Aug 16 & 17 - Dubai

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Oct 19 & 20 - Dubai

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Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

Develop your knowledge and understanding of advanced financial statements analysis techniques, Concepts and principles which underpin them
This course will also help both accountants and auditors identify issues which may require preventative action.


  1. The significance Of Financial Statements

  2. Ratio Analysis : Practical case to analyze a firm’s financial performance

  3. Corporate Reporting – a tool for decision making</h4

  4. Key Performance Indicators (Performance Prism)

  5. Identifying the Strategic objective (Customers, Stakeholders)

Case Studies & Models

  • Methods of predicting corporate failure – Altman Z score and Argenti models

  • Merton model, KMV model

  • Balance sheet and assessing the company’s liquidity risk.

  • Enron Scandal and Moral Hazard (Iowa State University)

  • Discussions on Case Studies

  • Capital asset pricing model

  • Dividend discount model

  • Detecting Fraud – Oil & Gas Financial Journal Case Study

 Take Aways

  1. Be able to identify the significance
    of the financial statements and know
    their purpose

  2. Understand significant options that companies have in preparing financial statements

  3. Know what warning signs to lookout which indicate that company is getting into financial difficulty

  4. Appreciate difficulty the main financial ratios which can be calculated and what they mean



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