Beyond Cash Flows

A radical rethinking iver cash flow management from a financial manager’s perspective

This seminar will help you in decoding the language so that management actions can be evaluated on the criterion of efficiency and effectiveness.

Take Aways

  1. Learn how to read between lines using
    a cash flow statement
  2. Develop skills to evaluate management actions and constraints through cash flow statements
  3. Explore the hidden areas of cash flow wrapped up to hide management future cash flow commitments
  4. Start looking cash flows statement beyond the perspective of an accountant
  5. Strike out the management efficiencies reflected in cash flow statements
  6. Identify cash movements to evaluate management ability to fulfill business commitments
  7. Excel in using cash flow as an instrument of management performance evaluation.

Focussed Areas

  • >Basic understanding of cash flow statements.
  • The requirements of IAS 7, Cash flow.
  • How to understand the language of cash flow statement.
  • How an organizational efficiency can be measured through its cash flow statement?
  • What are the criteria of efficiency and effectiveness to be used in evaluation of cash flow statements?
  • Comparison and evaluation of cash flows of various organizations based on the criteria of efficiency and effectiveness.