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Aug 22 & 23 - Dubai

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Budget Analysis and Forecasting

in quest for excellence

To achieve excellence, planning is crucial! Budget analysis and forecasting are part of a successful planning process that is driven to achieve the goals of your organization. This training session builds on good practice with case studies based on real case corporate scenarios.

Take Aways

  1. Build the understanding of budgeting in
    achieving your organization goals

  2. Equip you with different budgeting techniques, approaches & methodologies applicable to different industries and scenarios

  3. Understanding the importance of budgeting & forecasting in a climate of uncertainty

  4. Techniques for effective budgeting & its impact on performance management.

  5. Significance of the behavioral aspects in budgeting and forecasting

Focussed Areas

  • Can you survive and thrive without a budget?

  • Budgeting in a climate of uncertainty?

  • From operational budgets to financial budgets

  • Budget & Forecast – Key to optimization

  • Behavioral aspects in budgeting

  • Master Budgets – from A to Z

  • Process flow of an organization

  • Operational budgets

  • Financial budgets

  • Forecasting vs budgeting


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