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Cash Flow Management

This course explores the importance of cash flow in a business. Quite simply, cash flow is the lifeblood of every organization. The course begins with an illustration of the perils of overlooking cash flow management. Having established the need for a sound and rigorous approach to the topic, the course then explores the tools, techniques and strategies that successful business people use to manage cash flow and liquidity. The importance of understanding the accounting cash flow statement prepared for financial statements will be covered in detail. Delegates will be taken through the derivation of free cash flow and how it can be used in both corporates and banks. Cash flow ratios will be developed and used in order to verify and check cash flow calculations.

 Take Aways

  1. Understand why even profitable companies can fail if cash flow is overlooked

  2. Get to know the tools, techniques and strategies that are used in managing cash flow and liquidity

  3. Recognize the effect of capital structure on cash flow and effect of cash flow on capital structure

  4. Understand the relationship between cash flow and working capital

  5. Observe the effect of cash flows on company valuation

  6. Use relevant ratios and metrics to assess performance

Course Outline

Introduction to Cash Flow

  • Cash vs. accrual accounting.

  • Elements of a cash-flow statement.

  • Confirming forecast period Formats and layouts.

Managing the Cash Conversion Cycle

  • Receivable collection terms

  • Payable credit terms

  • Inventory optimisation

  • Exchange-rate management.

Aligning Budgets and Cash Forecasts

  • Use of budgets as a start point

  • Ensuring that cash-flow forecasts align with budgets

  • Use of rolling forecasts.

  • Introducing the concept of free cash flow.

  • Summarizing the free cash flow

  • Evaluating the summarized information

Building Accurate Cash Flow Forecasts

  • Revenue and expenditure patterns

  • Impact of capex and investment activities

  • Confirming acceptable debt level.

  • Ratio relating liquidity vs turn over ratios

  • Impact due to capital structuring and dividend policies

Working Capital Optimization – basic practice

  • Credit control

  • Stock control techniques (ABC, VED, SDE, MRP Just in time)

  • Debtor management & the costs of offering credit

  • Management reporting – KPI;s

  • End to end cash flow management


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