A Strong Business Partner & Strategic Leader

As the CFO, or senior financial executive, you may assume multiple roles -accounting expert, controller, business partner, strategist, leader, and coach. Where you put your time and effort will determine the impact you will have on your firm. As the business environment changes, becoming more global, competitive, and customer demanding, it is essential that you broaden your skill set and sharpen your tools to be a truly effective finance organization leader and significant contributor to the long term success of the firm.

This is an intensive 2-day program reserved for the upper finance echelon of leading companies. You will be introduced to systematic ways to view the multiple facets of the finance executive’s roles and steps you should take to become a more significant contributor to the long term growth and sustainability of your firm.

This Master class is led by a faculty who has taught 1000’s of executives and students at a number of the top business schools in the world, and has advised Directors, CEO’s, CFO’s, and finance organizations of 100’s of companies. Dr. Howell will use a number of participative learning methods. You will benefit from the lessons being considered and from the interaction with peers from across the region. This program is specifically designed to further enhance your ability to lead your organization and drive value for your firm.

Key Areas to be Discussed

  1. The Changing Role of the CFO
  2. The CFO as Driver of Value Creation
  3. The CFO as Partner : Simplifying & Refocusing the Financial Planning & Analysis Process
  4. The CFO as Strategist : Multiple Forces Analysis; Focusing on Core Competencies; Charting the Direction of the Firm
  5. The CFO as CFO : Building the Financial Leadership Pipeline & Organization
  6. The CFO as Leader : Understanding Leadership Styles; Transitioning from Manager to Leader


A Powerful Learning Experience that Emphasizes Participative Learning Methods. The learning process will be highly interactive, taking advantage of the wealth of accumulated business experience within the class. While the faculty leader will provide conceptual frameworks and general guiding principles for best financial management practices, an essential part of the learning comes from the sharing of participants’ experiences and viewpoints in plenary sessions and small-group discussions.

  • The case methods and other interactive learning methods will be utilized.
  • These methods involve actual business situations to be considered.
  • This approach helps participants develop their own ideas, test their judgment, defend their views, and sharpen their communications and decision-making skills.
  • This proven approach builds on the resources and experience of the faculty and participants to ensure that the program is highly relevant to their environment.