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Contract Planning and Management Skills

Understanding & Implementing Contractual Obligations

Business organization enters in numerous contracts every day in varying nature and types. Contracting and sub-contracting of business functions is a definite science and needs ample skill to ensure safeguard of organizational interest and achievement of objectives.
The Contract Planning and Management Skills workshop is designed to equip business managers and administrative officers to understand the dynamics related to contract management while performing different business functions while ensuring efficiency in bargaining and negotiation process, creating a win win situation, securing rights and obligation of both parties involved, deciding the SLAs, writing contracts and ensuring their adherence in terms of performance and achievement of their objectives.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for;

  • Accounting & Finance Staff

  • Procurement & Purchasing Department Staff

  • Logistics Managers

  • Supply Chain Staff

  • Administrative Managers

  • Foreign Trade Operation Department

  • Legal Department Staff

 Take Aways

By attending the workshop, the participants will be able to;

  1. Learn the evolution process of contract

  2. Understand various types and nature of contracts

  3. Evaluate the needs and expectations of parties to contract

  4. Develop understanding of selecting milestones in contract management

  5. Learn effective negotiation skills

  6. Implement pre award, planning and post contract phases successfully

  7. Handle trouble some contracts and troubleshooting

  8. Evaluate terms and conditions of contract from legal perspective

Course Outline

Understanding the Contract Management Process

  • Definition of Contract Management.

  • Types & Nature of Contracting.

  • Strategic Perspective of Contract Management

  • Buyers & Sellers Perspective

  • Steps in Contract Management

  • Plan-Do Check Act (PDCA) in Contract Management

Class Exercise: Paramount Ltd – Faulty judgment in understanding contracts dynamics.

Effective Contract Administration

  • Scope & Objective

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Functional VS Projected Structure

  • KPIs & Milestones

  • Approaches to Contract Management

  • Do’s & Don’t

Case Study: Perplex Ltd – Importance of developing clear scope and objectives.

Contract Provision & Their Implementation

  • Understand your Contract

  • Contract Framework

  • Contract Elements

  • Road Blockers & Speed Breakers

  • SMART Contract Terms Management Tools & Techniques

  • Risk Assessment & Management

Exercises on terms of contract, designing contract framework & Risk Management.

Effective Contract Negotiation Skills

  • Planning Negotiation

  • Creativity & Reengineering

  • Understanding Environment & Variables

  • Win –Win VS Loose to Win

  • Closing Skills

Pretend Play: Using of Negotiation Skills least bargaining position.

Strategic Contract Management

  • Partnership Approach

  • Strategic Alliances & Networking

  • Synergies & Value Creation

Contract Phased Management

  • Pre award Phase

    1. Developing Business Case

    2. Charter, Scope & Plan

    3. Contracting & Subcontracting

    4. Establishing Terms & Conditions

  • Contract Planning

    1. Contract Decomposition

    2. Scheduling

    3. Budgeting

    4. Risk Management

  • Award Phase

    1. Evaluation Decomposition

    2. Finalization of Terms & Conditions

    3. Resource Management

Legal Aspect of Contract Management

  • Drafting of Contracts

  • Breach of Contract

  • Types of Damages

  • Remedies

  • Force Majeure

Review Cases : Famous law cases on Contracts.

Managing Variations & Troubleshooting

  • Changes and Variation Orders

  • Claims and Extensions

  • Contract Closeout Lessons Learned: How, Who, Where and When

  • Disputes

  • Contract Suspension / Termination

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • Termination for Default


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