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Apr 6 & 7 - Dubai

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Aug 10 & 11 - Dubai

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Financial Modeling Training in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for financial  modeling training in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then look no further. Join Lynchpin to construct Reliable Financial Models to Monitor, Valuate, Control and Grow Your Business!

During the next year or so, the decisions your company makes and their consequences will establish how successful it is in riding out the current economic downturn.
To determine a quantitative representation of your company’s actions, financial analysis and modeling can be used to calculate and compare the impact of business decisions and alternative scenarios on the company’s performance. Dubai, being hub of regional financial decision making, had always attracted world’s best financial modeling skill set. Many of the past participants who have attended our advanced excel and financial modeling training in Dubai have enahanced their skills in both of these critical areas.

 Take Aways

  1. Create effective, accurate and robust financial models that meet your business needs

  2. Understand the most widely-practiced and robust business valuation techniques

  3. Learn to measure, interpret and predict company performance using Excel modeling

  4. Effectively communicate the results of your models to team members and senior management

  5. Improve your decision making processes and save time on financial analysis

Course Outline

Day One

  • Understanding business as a financial system

  • Management decision making in three key areas:

    • Investment

    • Financing

    • Operations

  • Description of profit & loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements

  • Using profitability and risk ratios to compare companies across different sizes and industries

  • Balance Sheet, Income Statements and Cash-flow statement analytics

  • Two different perspectives on analyzing companies using financial statements

  • Selecting the ratios to use in your analysis

  • Horizontal Analysis and Vertical Analysis


Case Study: Coors & Borg

The case study depicts the financial statements of a manufacturing concern, the task is to use Financial Statement Analysis to qualitatively elaborate on the firms dynamics and contrast it with its competitors. Moreover the ratio analytics would allow for a more sophisticated approach in decision making.

Day Two

Modelling and Business Valuation

  • Financial Modelling Theory And Best Practice

  • Gearing Models and disintegrating financial statements

  • Understanding Discounting techniques and Mechanisms

  • Applying discounted techniques on Bonds and Equities

  • Using free cash flows or dividends to apply DCF and DDM techniques

  • Estimating Free Cash Flows

  • Estimating Dividend payout trends

  • Applying multi stage models

  • Estimating value of the business

  • Using the value to ascertain whether a firm is overvalued or undervalued

  • Using the value to ascertain whether a firm is overvalued or undervalued

  • How to deal & prevent circular references

Harvard Business School

Case Study: Marriott Corp

Gives you the opportunity to explore how a company uses the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to compute the cost of capital for each of its divisions. The use of Weighted Average Cost of Capital

 Course Director

Ali Saeed

MSc, Business and Management

  • University of Strathclyde – MSc, Business and Management (Majors in Finance & Portfolio Management)
  • Gained Distinction in Strategic Financial Mgmt, Security Analysis and Financial Analysis
  • Former emerging markets strategist with Morgan Stanley Capital, UK
  • Chief Executive Officer at an Investment Banking / Equities firm
  • Over 10 years of diverse professional experience in equity markets
  • Renowned for his highly engaging, thought provoking and practical approach towards coaching
    and mentoring professionals.

Ali Saeed’s professional experience converges from over 10 years of diverse indulgence in the fields of portfolio management and institutional/retail sales of equities to domestic and foreign market participants. He has extensive experience of conducting financial modeling training in Dubai.

He is currently the CEO of a leading investment banking and equities brokerage firm operating at the Karachi bourse. His responsibilities have encompassed a wide range of roles from effective- ly marketing the firm to domestic, retail and corporate institutions and also managing the entire settlement cycle. He has also been engaged in sell side research and economic analysis. Ali’s previous assignment was at a leading Asset Management Company where he led the portfolio and research efforts of the firm managing three funds with an asset base of PKR 7 bn. Prior to that, Ali was actively monitoring and investing in the far eastern markets at Morgan Stanley Capital in London researching and managing emerging markets in the Asia-pacific rim. Early in his career, his concentration in research efforts have paved the way for over 50 research reports and business journal articles regularly published and distributed
to domestic and international clients.


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