Global Treasury Management

Best Practice results in the management of Cash, Working Capital, Cash Forecasting, and Foreign Exchange

You should not miss this workshop and the opportunity to:

  1. Achieve daily control over global cash of 95%+
  2. Develop a holistic foreign exchange process that will mitigate currency risk
  3. Implement a Cash Forecast with 96% accuracy over 90 day horizon
  4. Learn step by step methodology for Treasury technology and bank RFP’s
  5. How to utilize value-add metrics to guide Treasury activity
  6. Identify opportunities to reduce the cost of global Treasury operations
  7. Learn how corporate Treasuries use bank products and how they operate

Workshop Content

  • Treasury organization models, benchmarking and metrics
  • Corporate finance tools and techniques
  • Funding alternatives including trade finance
  • Global cash management, cash optimization tools and techniques,
  • Integrated cash forecasting models
  • Working capital management
  • Best Practice use of Treasury technology
  • Enterprise risk management with special emphasis on financial risk
  • Treasury Organization
  • Treasury Benchmarking and Metrics
  • Shift from P&L to Value-Add metrics
  • Map the process to success
  • Best Practice use of Treasury technology
  • From business justification to RFP to implementation
  • Treasury Tools: How to integrate the best solutions
  • Managing bank relationships
  • Global Cash Management
  • Liquidity management objectives
  • Physical Concentration compared to Notional Pooling
  • How to structure an effective program that controls risk
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Worked examples of Direct vs. indirect models
  • Map key cash flow drivers
  • Working Capital Best Practices
  • Treasury’s role in Working Capital management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • COSO Framework
  • Derivative Instruments
  • Nomenclature and pricing
  • Spot, Swaps, forwards, NDF’s, Options
  • FAS 133 hedge accounting requirements
  • Comparison to IFRS accounting treatment