Future of Risk Management

Developing an Organization Risk Management Culture

An ineffective risk management process serves no purpose and can significantly impact the financial health of any organization. This seminar will help you to understand the requirements and key elements of an effective risk management program, including leadership support, strategic planning/direction and proactive risk mitigation strategies to build sustainable competitive advantage.

Take Aways

  1. What is wrong with Risk Management?
  2. Transformation is the key to success and sustainability
  3. What is Enterprise Risk Management culture?
  4. How do you build an effective ERM culture?
  5. What do i do when i get back to the office?


You’ll learn;

  1. Understand Risk Management in the global context
  2. Assess the level of maturity of their existing risk management program
  3. Meaningful recommendations to improve internal risk management capabilities
  4. Improve operational effectiveness and efficiency
  5. Minimize losses, improve governance & controls

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