21st Century Management Skills

Uncover management success edge for 21st century

The aim of this course is to describe what leadership and management mean in 21st Century

  1. Develop critical management skills that give you advantage in 21st Century
  2. Understand different leadership styles
  3. Describe the skills and attributes of a good leader
  4. Learn how to foster innovation while planning for change and make continuous improvements
  5. Manage with Emotional Intelligence
  6. Understand the impact the leader can have on motivation and therefore performance
  7. Reflect on their own role as leaders and areas for development within it

Take Aways

  1. Redefine management and leadership success measures for 21st century
  2. Acquire communication techniques for multicultural workplace
  3. Discover new ways of solving old problems with a structured approach to creative problem solving
  4. Understand motivation strategies for 21st century workforce
  5. Improve your managerial skills and get insights to latest Best Practices in Management

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit both existing and new managers at all levels:

  • Existing Managers will adopt to the future and is ready to change their views of work and the role of employees in today’s workplace
  • New Managers will become familiar with the important aspects of being a manager in the 21st Century