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Dec 20 - Dubai

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Feb 2017

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Delivering Customer Service Excellence

This interesting program is about one of the most important subjects that everyone – regardless of his position, managerial level or type of institution he works in -needs to know its secrets.
In this program; trainees go for an interesting journey where they learn the keys of customer service excellence; by learning the most important knowledge and best practices of this profession.

 Explore the Customer Service Discussions

  • Increase Service Value – Add more to your customers and your bottom line

  • Explore Spectacular Service – Discover what’s beyond the extra mile

  • Build Your service culture – Attract great customers and staff

  • Stories of Spectacular Service

  • People make the difference ! are you a real professional

 Take Aways

  1. Realize the importance of customer service in a very competitive environment.

  2. Understand the best techniques of managing customer’s expectations.

  3. Satisfying customers and exceeding their expectations

  4. Dealing with customers’ feedback, and responding appropriately to solve their problems.

  5. Build a service culture in your Organization.

Course Director

Ezzeddin K. Ahmad

B.BA from Jordan University

Mr. Ahmad is a soft skills & management trainer registered in Dubai Knowledge Village – UAE (DKV). He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Jordan University in Amman, and also completed key executive programs in management and business.

Mr. Ahmad has more than 15 years experience in customer service, marketing, business development as well as middle & senior level managerial skills gained with a number of key companies in UAE.
Utilizing his diverse working experience & his study specialty in business; he designed & implemented key and unique training programs in several cities like Dubai, Doha, Tripoli and Kuala Lumpur among others. Mr. Ahmad delivers training programs in a unique style where he strives to present the best knowledge in an interesting & interactive way; helping and guiding trainees to put the knowledge they learn into action. He also presents a unique “One to One Coaching” for various trainees like executives, managers, employees and students.


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