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September 20 - Dubai

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Negotiation Skills


Negotiation Skills training program consists of interactive exercises and several rounds of negotiation simulations – followed by expert feedback and review. The small group negotiations are observed by the trainer. Delegates are encouraged to analyze strengths and weaknesses of their preparation and planning processes, and then receive detailed feedback on their own behavior profile.

 Take Aways

  1. Develop strategies and tactics to manage the movement of the negotiation to a desired outcome

  2. Understand where power comes from and develop strategies that will bring the best outcome

  3. Learn strategies for maintaining a positive climate and dealing with negative tactics

  4. Create an Action Plan for continued development of the skills.

Course Outline

Preparing for the Negotiation

  • Setting objectives.

  • Evaluating fallback positions.

  • The hierarchy of tradable issues and trade-offs.

  • Best, target and worst trading limits.

  • Calculating the cost of concessions.

  • Anticipating ‘their’ position and tactics.

Planning the Negotiation

  • Evaluating strengths, weaknesses and power.

  • Creative, leveraged trades.

  • Using a structure based on the four stages of the negotiation to plan for each stage.

  • Common ground, long-term v. short-term.

Responding to Challenges

  • Ways to Stay Calm

  • Work with the Other Party, Not Against Them

  • Don’t Bring Your Baggage to the Table

  • Avoid Power Struggles

  • Stay Focused

  • Focus on a Positive Process

Creating a Win-Win Situation

  • Keeping an Open Mind

  • Making the Most of Brainstorming

  • Thinking Outside the Box

  • Use Your Resources (Experts, Mediators, Third Parties)

  • Identify Common Ground

 Course Director

Dr. Kerrin Ann Barrett

PH.D. Organizational Learning
and Instructional Technology

Dr. Kerrin is a highly skilled educator and transformational leader with an extensive career marked by scholarly accomplishment and notable success in training and development initiatives across sectors, graduate and undergraduate instruction, mentoring, and program management. Her current projects in the UAE include providing strategic advising for a local education startYup company, and designing curricula in communications skills improvement for large firms in the tourism and infrastructure sectors.

Dr. Barrett also served in Afghanistan for three and a half years building much needed capacity in the education sector. Her projects included serving as a Senior Technical Advisor to the Ministry of Education’s Teacher Training Directorate, where she oversaw training of 100,000+ teachers and school principals, and as a Capacity Building Advisor in Helmand province for a new technical vocational school.

Dr. Barrett holds a Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology with a specialization in Distance Education, and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a focus in Technology in Education.


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