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Dec 15 - Dubai

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Feb 2017

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Time and Stress Management

Improving time management and controlling stress is a core skill for anyone wishing to work efficiently and establish good habits. Implementing their action plan will help them to reduce stress and enhance their productivity
This one day course on time and stress management looks at the causes of time and stress management difficulties and offers concrete and practical solutions. By managing their time more effectively, participants will be able to make a greater contribution to your organization’s goals – they will be more effective at work but will still be able to achieve a sensible work / life balance.

 Take Aways

  1. Have a clear understanding of stress and what causes it

  2. Be able to highly effective personal strategies, plans and techniques to deal with stress

  3. Gain a clearer picture of their priorities, both in work and outside

  4. Learn how to link their short, medium and long-term goals

  5. Be able to manage and control interruptions and behave more assertively

  6. Make an informed choice about the best diary system for them and be able to apply simple, practical principles of diary management

  7. Make better use of their time by making fewer lists but doing more of the things on them!

Course Outline

Time stealers & external factors

  • Effective meeting structures

  • Managing interruptions

  • 30 ways to make more time

  • Effective Diary Management

  • Prioritizing your work

  • Scheduling techniques

  • Using your diary to say ‘no!

Stress in an organisational context

  • Where does stress come from?

  • What is the impact on your organization?

  • Trends in recent years

  • The psychology and physiology of stress

  • What is pressure; what is stress?

  • Causes and effects of pressure
    and stress

  • Recognizing and reducing my sources of stress

  • The pressure management habit

  • The 4 way stress model

Fundamentals of Time Management

  • Understanding the principles of productivity

  • Avoiding the pitfalls of multitasking

  • Practicing mind-clearing techniques

  • Saying no with tact

  • Mastering the What, When, Where processing system

  • Processing email vs. checking email

  • Maintaining productivity gains

  • Urgent and important

  • Pareto’s Rule

  • Balancing work and home

  • Building a goal tree

  • Achieving the right balance of progress and maintenance

  • Parkinson’s law

Strategies, Plans & Techniques for Stress Management

  • The communication file structure

  • Circles of influence and circles of concern.

  • SMARTER objective setting

  • The importance of achieving control

 Course Director

Lynette Hatley

B.Com (Hons) from UNISA, MBA

Originally born and brought up in South Africa Lynette Hatley has over 25 years’ experience in training, leadership development and management consulting.
She has a B.Com and B.Com (Hons) from the University of South Af- rica (UNISA), and an MBA (General Management) from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits Business School) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her undergraduate qualification is in Accounting and Business Economics, and her Hon- ours in Marketing.

Applying experiential training techniques and providing highly interactive innovative and in- spirational workshops Lynette is a highly rated facilitator for training assignments, including business coaching, personality discovery and empowerment, performance improvement and motivation, assertive communication, confidence building and public speaking, train the train- er, transformational leadership, creative thinking, finance for non-finance managers and other wide range of programmes in management.

Lynette has delivered trainings to Panasonic, Baker Huges, Adidas, Canon, Barclay’s Bank, DEWA, TNT Express, TECOM, GAC, Aramex, Hoerbinger, Gekko, Almarai (Saudi Arabia), Majid Al Futtaim, LUKOIL, First Gulf Bank, First Select, Niffan, Women’s College (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), Ramada Hotel, CBI Bank and others.


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