Americana Quality

Lynchpin trained the staff of Americana Foodstuff Company (Client) for Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Examination amidst their busy schedule and hectic job routine.


We had a very value-adding CMA training course with Lynchpin including over twenty participants, which was framing and adding a lot of benefits to our knowledge and potential improvement. In addition, we thank the instructor for demonstrating the course in each and every possible way and being keen to communicate with us for any inquiry after and during the course period.

I would recommend having new courses with Lynchpin in the soonest chance.

Tarek Kassad
Section Head Finance Department – Americana

Company Background

Our client is a reputed food & beverage company and has grown into one of the largest and most successful corporations in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). Publicly traded on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (FOOD.KW), Americana Group has managed to keep world-class corporate standards, with activities spanning 14 countries and a payroll of over 45,000 employees from 21 nationalities. In the food manufacturing and processing sector, Americana Group is recognized as the Middle East’s leading purveyor of quality food products.

Client’s Requirements & Expectations

The company, though managed by professionals in their accounts department, wanted to have qualified staff who are at par in terms of latest accounting trends and management accounting concepts. They choose to train their staff for the prestigious CMA – USA examinations. However owing to the fact that the staff is fully occupied by their routine office work, it was a big challenge to motivate them to attend an outside training and follow a routine class schedule. Hence, the company required an in-house solution for this, and that too early in the morning (8 am on every Saturday), so that training could be completed without disturbing the office routine. Also, (almost) all the staff members were Arabic-speaking professionals, hence they needed a flavor of the local language in training sessions.

Training Solution Provided by Lynchpin

After the client approached us with the above requirements, a dedicated training & development manager along with a client service manager is appointed to understand and analyze the client’s requirements. After that, a detailed presentation was given at client’s premises to the selective senior management of Americana to assess the usefulness of the course for their staff.

Once Lynchpin was shortlisted and finally awarded the training contract, our training and development team designed the course outline according to the timeline of the client’s requirement. Also specialized course content was developed containing the Arabic translation of difficult terms and jargons for better understanding of training audience.

Solution Benefits

A tailormade training program was cheerfully welcomed by the participants as the pace of the training and contents were specifically designed, keeping in view the academic and professional background of the audience. It was no longer a boring and dry accounting training. Rather every lecture was enriched with practical and real life work-based examples. Staff is now better equipped with critical management accounting concepts and felt the great value addition in the daily work life. The real praise that LYNCHPIN got from this assignment was the standing ovation by the training participants for our course trainer.