Emirati Development Program

Impact Your Bottom Line by Cultivating Emirati Talent

Emirati talent has huge training and development needs, and this requires specifically designed training solutions which would sharpen both their cognitive and analytical skills, and unleash talent potential. At Lynchpin, we understand Emiratisation challenges employers face today. Focused on equipping UAE nationals with practical and relevant skills, our Emirati Development Program is a unique training solution, designed to meet the demands of the modern business reality and ensure their superior performance in the workplace.

A to Z Professional Training for Emiratis

We offer A to Z Emiratisation tailored training solutions:

  • Emirati Fresh Graduate Development
  • Soft Skills
  • Management Courses
  • Corporate Finance & Banking Training
  • Specialist Industry Training
  • Coaching for Industry Certification Exams
  • Executive Coaching

We ensure that customized case studies and practical elements are considered and utilized for maximum learning outcome.

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Six Pillars of the Emirati Development Program

Bridge Gaps with Emirati Focused Solutions

Meeting HRM Concerns in Organizations with the Emirati Development Program

The outcome of our Emirati Development Program for HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENTS in organizations:

  • MAXIMISED WORK READINESS as a result of our 360 degree practical and effective training solutions.
  • REDUCED TURNOVER OF EMIRATI STAFF with increased job satisfaction, and faster adaptation to job expectations & organizational culture.
  • IMPACT ON THE BOTTOM LINE by reducing on-boarding period of new hires & improved job performance.