CIA Classroom Lectures

After teaching hundreds of CIA students, our proven teaching methodology combined with our state-of-the-art online portal provides all the right tools to crack the CIA exam in your first attempt. All our classroom lectures are thoroughly planned and exam-focused.

Key features of our classroom lectures:

  • Qualified tutors who deliver exceptional quality exam-focused lectures.
  • Exam-style questions thoroughly solved in class.
  • Every critical concept is followed by a detailed example for better understanding of concepts.
  • Regular class tests and mock exam.
  • World-leading study material by Hock International provided free to all students.
  • Free make-up classes to the students who join late in the class.
  • Dedicated revision session at the end of the batch for better exam preparation

What material do we use in the class?

We use world-leading Hock International material for CIA coaching. This effective study material comprises of the following:

How we help you to maintain the pace of your studies

  • Planned lectures
  • Regular class tests
  • Online portal to access the class tests and their answers.
  • Revisions classes & practice sessions.
  • Graded mock exam with teacher’s comments.

Detailed information about our classroom lecture methodology Contact us for registration & feel free to ask us, should you have any queries.

Who can do CIA?

In order to become a CIA, a candidate must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher degree) or
  • Have its educational equivalent from an accredited college-level institution i.e. membership of any professional accounting body like ICAI, ICAP, ACCA etc.

How many parts are there in CIA?

There are 3 parts in CIA.

How can you become CIA?

Candidates must successfully complete all of the following exam parts. Along with passing exams, CIA candidates must obtain a minimum of 24 months of internal auditing experience or acceptable equivalent experience, which includes experience in audit/assessment disciplines, external auditing, quality assurance, compliance, and internal control.

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