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If you do not have a full-time accountancy charter, which will take you around three years on average, IFRS Training is the right choice for you:

This training will enable you to:

  • understand and explain the structure of the international professional and conceptual framework of accounting
  • apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports
  • identify and apply disclosure requirements for companies relating to the presentation of financial reports and notes
  • prepare group financial statements (excluding group cash flow statements) including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures.

Who will benefit from the programme?

  • Accountants and finance staff involved in the preparation of financial statements.
  • Investor relations, company secretaries, public relations and marketing teams.
  • Analysts, investors and portfolio managers.
  • Risk management, compliance and legal teams.
  • Regulators and standard setters.
  • Students studying finance, accountancy, business and those pursuing MBAs.
  • Relevant to all who use, prepare or interpret financial statements.
  • Suitable for all staff who may use, prepare or interpret financial statements.
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