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Jasna Novakovic

Global Finance Director at Move One Inc.
“My job requires knowledge of many different parts of finance work, as well as involvement in the finance rules of many different countries. Being self-thought in many things, ACCA will now give me confidence when dealing with different providers. I am not going to pretend I am a model student! Lynchpin helps me to get through the exam at a pace that suits me and I don’t feel a need to rush to the finish line. Flexible hours after work make it easy for me to attend the lectures. I didn’t have to change my schedule a lot and it was easy to get organized. Exam-focused lecturing makes Lynchpin the right study-buddy.”

Mr. Aladin F. Al- Khatib

EVP – Treasury at Al Hilal bank
“The experience was truly good, the full cycle starting from registration, follow-ups, timing, dedication and classes are very good and organized.”

Mohammed AlMajed

P & P Analyst at Saudi Aramco
“Lynchpin, with the sessions we got, has helped us study and try to do homework before deadlines. Lynchpin also gave us summaries and helped us evaluate ourselves by doing quizzes. It helps.”

Tarek Kassad

Section Head – Finance Department at Americana Quality
“We thank the instructor for demonstrating the course in each and every possible way and being keen to communicate with us for any inquiry after and during the course period. I would recommend starting new courses with Lynchpin at the earliest opportunity.”

Facebook Feedback

Wajid Waseem

Student of Adv. Diploma in Accounting and Business in Dubai
Ma Sha Allah cleared all the papers I sat for this session….thanks to Sir Saad, Sir Shahzeib and Mr. Abdul Hai for the effort that they put in…6 down now, 8 more to go! 😀 Posted on Facebook on August 09, 2012.

Abdul Rehman Qureshi

Student of Adv. Diploma in Accounting and Business in Abu Dhabi
Excellent Tutor Mr. Saqib Jamal Sir. Having a great time learning from him in Lynchpin Abu Dhabi! Totally Professional And Dedicated Staff 🙂 Posted on Facebook on July 30, 2012

Faizan Amjad Butt

Student of Adv. Diploma in Accounting and Business in Abu Dhabi
ACCA classes have started. Had a very informative orientation class for F8 and F7 on the 9th and 10th of July respectively and the regular classes have started as well. I am studying F7 and F8. So far their teaching style has been excellent and exam oriented. We have gone through the syllabus structure and also discussed in detail the exam question paper pattern. Posted on Facebook on July 23, 2012

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