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Forensic Auditing and Accounting Training Program

This Forensic Auditing and Accounting training workshop on preventing fraud and corruption will empower you to plug the holes in your fraud and corruption prevention policies by benchmarking against the latest developments in strategies and techniques and by sharing new initiatives. You will learn to protect your organization with knowledge of fraud trends, how to formulate a fraud prevention strategy and to identify vulnerable and potential areas of risk, recognize potential offenders, minimize the effects of fraud on your company, retrieve evidence from personal computers, uncover fraudulent schemes, investigate and draw up watertight cases, successfully navigate the legislative landscape, formulate an effective whistleblowing strategy and protect yourself against money laundering techniques.

The International Business Environment

  • The key issues which drove the frauds of the 21st Century
  • The Organizational Planning Framework
  • The Role of Effective Financial Reporting
  • The Role of Prudent Financial Investors

Overview of “Creative Accounting”

  • Why do companies indulge in cosmetic accounting?
  • How to detect them and how to compensate for them
    1. The bad news is always at the back of the annual report
    2. Fraud Perpetrated through the Development of False Financial Statements
  • Fraud Perpetrated through Misuse of Corporate Resources

Techniques and The Red-Flags of Fraud

  • Fraud Perpetrated through Third-Party Intervention
  • Fraud Perpetrated through False Revenue Recognition
  • Fraud Perpetrated through the Use of Acquisitions
  • Fraud through Financial Instruments and Off-Balance Sheet Structure
  • Fraud Perpetrated through Consolidation Activities
  • Fraud Perpetrated through Derivatives
  • Fraud Perpetrated for the Benefit of the Individual

The Nature, Characteristics and Measurement of Working Capital

  • Managing Cash
  • The Beauty of Cash
  • Controlling the Balance
  • Cash Budgets and Managing Cash

Managing Receivables

  • Credit Assessment
  • Length of Credit Period
  • Evaluating Credit Decisions
  • Debt Factoring
  • The Discount Decision
  • Collection Policies

Managing Payables

  • Payables Payments Policies
  • Controlling Payables

Managing Inventories

  • Forecasting Future Demand
  • Inventory Ratios
  • Recording Values
  • Re-ordering Systems
  • Levels of Control
  • Management Models

Internal Accounting and Operational Controls and Fraud

  • Nature and Theory of Internal Control Structures
  • Internal Operational Controls
  • Internal Accounting Controls
  • Internal Controls and Fraud
  • Controls and the Deterrence of Fraud
  • Controls and the Detection of Fraud
  • Controls and the Investigation of Fraud

White Collar Crime and Business Risk

  • The black economy – awareness and profiles
  • Money laundering component and the proceeds of crime
  • Governance and business risk overview
  • Fraud theory (definitions, types and scale)
  • Limitations of traditional audit techniques
  • The strategic fraud prevention plan

Financial Instruments

  • Classifying financial assets
  • Initial and subsequent measurement of financial instruments
  • Financial asset impairment
  • Difference between equity and liabilities
  • Accounting for financial liabilities
  • Disclosure requirements

Mr. Mirza Farrukh Baig,
Harvard Trained | CEO Lynchpin Group | Lead VAT Trainer & Consultant

Mirza Farrukh Baig-Harvard Trained, is one of our Decorated & Talented Trainer and Instructional Designer for Finance, Accounting, Risk Management training courses at Lynchpin Training. With him on the training venue, we guarantee the best style of delivery, team engagement, the energy level of the class and the WOW experience by your team is assured.

Mirza Farrukh Baig is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a career banker. He has over fifteen years of experience teaching CMA, ACCA, CFA and CA students. He is also the lead corporate trainer at Lynchpin delivering specialized training on Finance and Accounting He has served for eight years in a leading commercial bank in UAE where he was instrumental in strengthening the SME credit risk unit. Apart from approval of banking facilities for SME clients. He played an instrumental role in developing and implementing the SME credit risk policy of the bank.

Currently, he is the CEO of Lynchpin Training & Consulting and Chief Consultant for VAT
Advisory, Consulting & Implementation. Farrukh carries extensive experience in dealing
indirect taxes both for the UK and South Asia. Provided VAT (Value Added Tax) consultancy
services with due care, experience, resources, and exposure to tax regimes.

Farrukh is an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (ICAP).
He has been awarded a gold medal for outstanding performance in his CA final examination,
by ICAP. He also went to Harvard Business School to Executive Entrepreneurship training

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