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Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Investigation Training Program

Fraud has become a serious concern for both commercial and non-profit organization across the whole world. According to a study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and researchers at Concordia University, over 10 percent of all non-profit organizations/groups fall victim to occupational fraud. Awareness about fraud and embedding anti-fraud procedures in the system of your organization can have a significant impact on the sustainability of your organization in the long term. This workshop will help you to learn why people commit fraud, how to identify fraud risks, establish an anti-fraud culture and ensure fraud awareness in your organization. This training course will explain how to build a robust fraud risk management program and how to integrate anti-fraud initiatives into your fraud risk management program.

Session One

  • Statistical Overview of Fraud Problem
  • Common Types of Fraud
  • Who Commits Fraud?
  • The Fraud Triangle
  • The Fraud Diamond
  • Red Flags

Session Two

  • Fraud Risk Program – Components
  • Fraud Risk Assessment – Components
  • Conducting Fraud Risk Assessment – Case Studies

Session Three

  • Case Studies – A Practical Perspective
  • Fraud Prevention Program

Session Four

  • Fraud Prevention Check list – A Practical Perspective
  • Fraud Detection Program
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection Score Cards
  • Fraud Investigation Program

Take Aways

  1. Reviewing current trends and new techniques in combating fraud and financial crimes to anticipate future needs
  2. Setting effective fraud detection and prevention procedures
  3. Improving customer data protection through effective identity theft prevention
  4. Eradicating common areas of potential internal frauds
  5. Developing a robust fraud awareness program within the organization
  6. Identifying and assessing organization’s vulnerability to fraud and financial crimes
  7. Establishing a sustainable corporate environment conducive to combating fraud at all levels
  8. Exploring the latest technological solutions in combating fraud and financial crimes
  9. Discovering the necessary preventive measures taken to combat fraudsters and money launders
  10. Utilizing this event to learn, network and benchmark with key players in the industry

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