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Internal Audit Training Program

The course will assist participants in:

  1. Acquire basic knowledge in relation to the theory and practice in the areas of Risks, Controls and Internal Auditing.
  2. Be able to sit Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exams organized by the Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA-Inc.) multiple times per year with success, or apply for the Certified Internal Controls Auditor (CICA), or Certified Internal Controls Specialist (CICS) qualifications (The Institute for Internal Controls)
  3. Enhance their knowledge in specialized Risks and Controls sessions, as well as Internal Auditing practices for a range of business processes in all industries based on a best practice methodology. The training syllabus provides both theoretical and practical knowledge to the participants for the implementation of the above practices

Take Aways

  1. Understanding through theoretical and practical review of the study material the application of Risks, Controls and Internal Auditing best practices in all industries.
  2. Improving Risks and Controls identification, evaluation and reporting skills.
  3. Improving Internal Auditing skills for the main transaction cycles.

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