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Time & Stress Management Training Program

Improving time management and controlling stress is a core skill for anyone wishing to work efficiently and establish good habits. Implementing their action plan will help them to reduce stress and enhance their productivity This one day course on time and stress management looks at the causes of time and stress management difficulties and offers concrete and practical solutions. By managing their time more effectively, participants will be able to make a greater contribution to your organization’s goals – they will be more effective at work but will still be able to achieve awork/lifeork / life balance.

Time stealers & external factors

  • Effective meeting structures
  • Managing interruptions
  • 30 ways to make more time
  • Effective Diary Management
  • Prioritizing your work
  • Scheduling techniques
  • Using your diary to say ‘no!

Stress in an organisational context

  • Where does stress come from?
  • What is the impact on your organization?
  • Trends in recent years
  • The psychology and physiology of stress
  • What is pressure; what is stress?
  • Causes and effects of pressure and stress
  • Recognizing and reducing my sources of stress
  • The pressure management habit
  • The 4 way stress model

Fundamentals of Time Management

  • Understanding the principles of productivity
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of multitasking
  • Practicing mind-clearing techniques
  • Saying no with tact
  • Mastering the What, When, Where processing system
  • Processing email vs. checking email
  • Maintaining productivity gains
  • Urgent and important
  • Pareto’s Rule
  • Balancing work and home
  • Building a goal tree
  • Achieving the right balance of progress and maintenance
  • Parkinson’s law

Strategies, Plans & Techniques for Stress Management

  • The communication file structure
  • Circles of influence and circles of concern.
  • SMARTER objective setting
  • The importance of achieving control

Course Director


Azeem is a certified Life Coach, a Professional Development Trainer and Facilitator. With more than twenty-five years dealing with human capital, Azeem has previously worked with some of the leading Multinational companies based in the Middle East, Europe and Pakistan. He focuses on professional areas of Training, Business Management, Marketing and Human Resource Development.

A distinction of Azeem is the ability to work with adults and youth in creating a harmonious lifestyle that will help shape their future. He uses anecdotes and real stories to illustrate the different concepts and how it can be applied for the benefit of learner’s personal and professional aims.

Azeem specializes in working with his clients for both personal and organizational development. During the past decade he helped many entrepreneurs, working professionals and renowned personalities as a personal life coach to create a balanced lifestyle. Azeem has also worked with hundreds of individuals, professionals and corporate executives while they attended his interactive training’s, consulting and counseling sessions.

In 2012 Azeem initiated management consultancy on training and development focusing on leadership, sustainability, business continuity and succession planning under the flagship of his own company.

Azeem’s mission is “to provide knowledge and support to the young and old, women and men regardless of their educational background, abilities, culture or creed, encapsulating the faculty of emotional intelligence and critical thinking. They seek and pursue a meaningful life by choosing independence, intellectualism and creativity, then applying life coaching techniques to be successful in life”.

Consulting – Visioning, Business Continuity, Succession Planning,
Training & Development – Excellence, Team Building, Sales & Marketing, Communication, Conflict Management, Negotiating Skills.
Life Coaching – Executive Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Anger Management.

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