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Financial Modeling Training Program

If you are looking for financial modeling training in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then look no further. Join Lynchpin to construct Reliable Financial Models to Monitor, Valuate, Control and Grow Your Business!

During the next year or so, the decisions your company makes and their consequences will establish how successful it is in riding out the current economic downturn. To determine a quantitative representation of your company’s actions, financial analysis and modeling can be used to calculate and compare the impact of business decisions and alternative scenarios on the company’s performance. Dubai, being the hub of regional financial decision making, had always attracted world’s best financial modeling skill set. Many of the past participants who have attended our advanced excel and financial modeling training in Dubai have enhanced their skills in both of these critical areas.

  1. Create effective, accurate and robust financial models that meet your business needs
  2. Understand the most widely-practiced and robust business valuation techniques
  3. Learn to measure, interpret and predict company performance using Excel modeling
  4. Effectively communicate the results of your models to team members and senior management
  5. Improve your decision-making processes and save time on financial analysis

Overview of Financial Modelling

  • Financial Model vs Spreadsheet
  • Purpose of Financial Models
  • Right tool selection for Financial Modelling
  • Techniques of a wise Financial Modeler

How to Structure a Financial Model

  • Blueprint of a Financial Model
  • Golden Rules for Model design
  • Information gathering process
  • Addressing the key Design issues
  • Version-controlled Models

Benchmark Best Practices for Model Design

  • Gathering of Assumptions
  • Data entry best practices
  • Labeling & formatting of a Financial Model
  • Dynamic links & formulae

Microsoft Excel – A Tool for Financial Modelling

  • Overview of using Excel in Modelling
  • Most commonly used Excel Functions
  • Quick workarounds – Excel Shortcuts

Excel Functions for Financial Modelling

  • Logical Functions; IF, AND, OR etc.
  • Nesting Logical Functions in Model
  • Aggregation Function; COUNTIF, SUMIF, COUNTIFS, SUMIFS etc.
  • Lookup Formulae; VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP
  • Nesting INDEX and MATCH

Financial Evaluation Functions

  • NPV
  • IRR
  • XNPV
  • XIRR
  • Loan interest calculations
  • Loan Amortization Functions; PMT, IPMT, PPMT

Visual Aspects of a Financial Model

  • Overview of Formatting a Model
  • Custom Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Creating sparklines for quick visuals

Advanced Tool for Financial Modelling

  • Array Formulae
  • Goal Seeking
  • Pivot Tables
  • Creating and using Macros in Financial Model
  • Calculating WACC
  • Modeling depreciation methods
  • Break-even analysis

Stress-Testing a Financial Model

  • Scenario analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Comparison of scenario methods

Final Presentation of a Financial Model

  • Working with Charts
  • Two axes chart creation
  • Waterfall charts
  • Bubble charts

Summarizing of Key Learnings

This program will include:

  • Building individual Financial Model components
  • Connecting the components to prepare a dynamic Financial Model
  • Error-proofing of the financial model
  • Securing the contents of the financial model to avoid any unauthorized change
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