VAT Training for Auditors & VAT Fraud Awareness

VAT Audit Training is an innovative program by Lynchpin Training to equip for internal/external VAT auditors’. The unique VAT Audit Training will assist the VAT auditors in planning, preparation, carrying out VAT audit and making reports.This VAT Audit Training is comprehensive and it covers most of the recognized means of detecting errors and underreported VAT.

Next VAT Audit Training Date: Sun 15  July, 2018
Training Fee: AED 1,490 (plus VAT)

Recording of transactions in your accounting system does not necessarily mean that the VAT return is correct. Various factors may be the cause of an incorrect return e.g.:

  • Taxable sales may not have been recorded;
  • Purchase invoices may have been forged;
  • Input tax may have been paid and deducted but the deduction may not be allowable
  • Discounts may have been allowed to related companies that may reduce the taxable value incorrectly; or
  • Goods may have been taken from stock for non-business reasons and not recorded in the accounts resulting in an evasion of the tax.

Companies engage external or internal auditors to ensure the compliance with VAT laws. This may save them from fines when actual statutory VAT audit will be conducted by Federal Tax Authority (FTA).