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Key Presentation Skills Training Program

Effective presentations are a mixture of a variety of elements. You have to know what your audience wants. You need to prepare good, interesting, engaging content. You must be confident in presenting the material, you have to know how to manage your environment successfully, and you need to make sure that your message has maximum impact.
In this workshop, you will learn how to balance these four elements so that you will present with energy and confidence.
Presentation skills and public speaking skills are very useful in many aspects of work and life. Effective presentations and public speaking skills are important in business, sales, and selling, training, teaching, lecturing and generally entertaining an audience. Developing the confidence and capability to give good presentations, and to stand up in front of an audience and speak well, are also extremely helpful competencies for self-development too.

Take Aways

  1. Professionalize your presentation style for maximum impact
  2. Learn to speak as clearly as you think. Don’t show nerves, show controlled enthusiasm
  3. Be more confident, better prepared and much more effective in your presentations.
  4. Convince, motivate and influence your audience, leading to successful results
  5. Understand the four type of audience and how to engage them effectively


  • Types of Business Presentations
  • Features of Effective Presentations
  • Seating Styles

Understanding your audience

  • Prior Knowledge & Audience Types
  • Winning the audience & leading them
  • Attention Span Of An Audience

Preparing Presentation Content

  • The Core Statement
  • Formal Opening To A Presentation
  • Impact Openers & Opening Techniques
  • Middles (Main Bodies) Of Presentations
  • Ending of a Presentation
  • Visuals

Presentation Strategies

  • Gathering Information
  • Jokes & Mantras
  • Mnemonics in Presentations
  • Narratives & Using Numbers
  • The 5Ps of Persuasion
  • Persuasive Words & Phrasing
  • Planting A Fact
  • Rehearsing

The Delivery Challenge

  • Body Language: Stance, Controlled Hands, Eye Warmth, Gestures, Hand Positions
  • Appearance in Presentations & Breathing
  • Commentating & Confidence
  • The Conviction Graph
  • The Creative Pause

Sensory Impact & Pace of Delivery

  • Cue Cards & Enthusiasm
  • Voice: Resonance, Pitch, Enunciation, Emphasis Of Words, Articulation, Inflection, Speaking Pace, Volume, Tone
  • Overcoming Nerves and Fear in Making a Presentation
  • First Impressions
  • Show, Don’t Just Tell
  • Signposting
  • The Wall Push

Controlling the environment

  • A Commanding Walk
  • Handling Difficult Audiences
  • Handling Difficult Questions
  • Using Pauses
  • Losing Rapport
  • Under Starters Orders

Course Director


Azeem is a certified Life Coach, a Professional Development Trainer and Facilitator. With more than twenty-five years dealing with human capital, Azeem has previously worked with some of the leading Multinational companies based in the Middle East, Europe and Pakistan. He focuses on professional areas of Training, Business Management, Marketing, and Human Resource Development.

A distinction of Azeem is the ability to work with adults and youth in creating a harmonious lifestyle that will help shape their future. He uses anecdotes and real stories to illustrate the different concepts and how it can be applied for the benefit of learner’s personal and professional aims.

Azeem specializes in working with his clients for both personal and organizational development. During the past decade, he helped many entrepreneurs, working professionals and renowned personalities as a personal life coach to create a balanced lifestyle. Azeem has also worked with hundreds of individuals, professionals and corporate executives while they attended his interactive training’s, consulting and counseling sessions.

In 2012 Azeem initiated management consultancy on training and development focusing on leadership, sustainability, business continuity and succession planning under the flagship of his own company.

Azeem’s mission is “to provide knowledge and support to the young and old, women and men regardless of their educational background, abilities, culture or creed, encapsulating the faculty of emotional intelligence and critical thinking. They seek and pursue a meaningful life by choosing independence, intellectualism and creativity, then applying life coaching techniques to be successful in life”.

Consulting – Visioning, Business Continuity, Succession Planning,
Training & Development – Excellence, Team Building, Sales & Marketing, Communication, Conflict Management, Negotiating Skills.
Life Coaching – Executive Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Anger Management.

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