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From Prospecting to Closing

Sales Essentials: From prospecting to closing helps sales people to re-look at their existing sales process and tighten its alignment with their overall sales cycle. It helps understanding how sales can yield optimal impact to boost revenue generation. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, your sales team has to be ever more efficient with their selling methods.

Who Should Attend

Sales Representatives and Account Executives of all skill levels


Throughout the Sales Essentials, the participants will be motivated with active interaction in fun-filled team activities like discussions & role play and sales games.

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Expected Accomplishments

  1. Strengthen the skills needed to be an effective salesperson
  2. Provide a solid understanding of the essential selling skills.
  3. Introduce a planned approach to selling
  4. Demonstrate how to change the customer from price thinking to value thinking.
  5. Create company sales phrases, talking points and tools that can be applied in the field immediately.

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Day One

  • Planning your sales
  • Prospect and win the appointment
  • Qualifying the decision process
  • Four personality types
  • Fact-finding your target
  • Create sales opportunities:effective questioning techniques
  • Overcoming objections and resistance
  • Presenting process
  • Coffee & networking break
  • Developing your customer care
  • Controlling your relationships
  • Knowing and analyzing the competition

Day Two

  • Identifying areas of differentiation
  • How to better position yourself with your customers
  • Why your customer chooses you
  • Needs analysis – understanding the needs of customers
  • Information gathering what you need to put together the ultimate proposal
  • Identifying & winning the critical key accounts
  • Cross selling and up selling
  • Buying signals
  • The incremental close
  • Proven closing methods

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